Morning Cup of Joe – Your Biggest Fan


There may come a time when you look over at the sidelines and no one is there cheering you on. Unfortunately, there may be more times than you or I would like to think about but know that they will come. When that happens, learn to be your biggest cheerleader.

Sometimes we look to others to provide us with encouraging words and motivation when all the while we should be consulting the person who knows us the best; yourself. It is imperative that you understand the importance of being your biggest fan. You cannot reasonably expect everyone to celebrate you every time. However, you can choose to celebrate yourself as early and often as possible.

All throughout high school, I participated in organized sports and extracurricular activities. For a number of reasons, my parents were not able to attend any of my games or ceremonies. During those times, I developed and strengthened the “cheer yourself on” muscle. Sometimes you have to motivate and encourage yourself. Although no one was there to cheer me on, it did not prevent me from winning.

Be your biggest fan.

To The Top,
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Recognize Your Brilliance


Sometimes it’s important to simply give yourself a “pat on the back”. Due to humility, many of us don’t give our accomplishments the recognition they deserve. In many cases, you may not be recognized at all for the great works you are doing or have done yet that should not stop you from giving your best every single time. You are solely responsible for recognizing and rewarding your own accomplishments; we should not wait nor count on anyone else to do it for us.

There will be things that you will do which will create a sense of certainty that you will receive an award yet the award may never come. Certainly, there are things you have done in the past that was reward worthy yet not one person recognized you or your efforts. While we should never do something for the sake of recognition, it is imperative that we understand that your reward may not come in the form of a trophy or certificate. The reward may very well be the satisfaction of a good deed.

It is imperative that we not wait for someone else to recognize us for our efforts. Learn to compliment yourself. Learn, understand and practice the importance of giving yourself daily affirmations that confirm your brilliance. Just because no one says “great job” doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing one. Understand and commit to memory that you are truly great and no trophy nor award will ever deny nor confirm this. You are what you think you are; a winner.

To The Top!
Joe Paul