Morning Cup of Joe – Hard Work, Work

I have a confession to make. At one point in my life I actually thought that there was a substitution for hard work. I falsely believed that there were shortcuts on the road to success. No seriously, I thought it had more to do with luck and being at the right place at the right time but I was sadly mistaken. The time I spent looking for shortcuts was certainly time that I could have invested to vigorously pursuing my dreams.

Think about the most successful person you know. What do you think separates them from everyone else? What makes them successful? What are they doing that everyone isn’t? I can tell you what separates them from everyone else; it’s hard work. I’ve seen people with less charisma, less talent, less appeal become more successful than others simply because they chose to work harder than their counterparts.

hard-work-quote-1Understand that anything worth having never comes easily. Whatever you want in life you have to vigorously pursue. You have to chase it like you don’t know any better. You have to work like hell to get it and work even harder to keep it. There are no shortcuts. There are no handouts. Don’t expect people to just hand it to you because it doesn’t work that way.

What you should understand about hard work is that it is not prejudice, it’s not racist or sexist. Hard work is not exclusive to a particular group of people and neither is success. However, success is the result of hard work. While you are sleeping, your opponent is working hard to make sure that you are not better than they are. Your opponent is taking 100 more practice shots than you are. Your opponent is waking up 2 hours earlier than you. Your opponent is out creating opportunities while you are sitting at home waiting on opportunity to come to you. It doesn’t work that way.

It is a common thought that successful people experience success because they are lucky or blessed with talent. The truth is, successful people simply work harder than the average man. Luck is the byproduct of hard work. That’s the secret to success.

Victory does not always go to the person who is the smartest or the most talented but to the person who works the hardest.


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Morning Cup of Joe – Comparing Blessings


I finally have gotten to the point where I no longer compare myself to others. I no longer compare my blessings to the blessings bestowed on others. I no longer question God’s intentions and trust that he made us all uniquely special in his image. Trust me, it is not easy and sometimes we really can’t help but to compare our “stuff” to others but we all know it is not healthy. When you compare your blessings to others, yours will never seem enough.

Commit to memory that you have gifts that are specifically yours to be used to create abundance. You have many gifts and talents. If you have trouble discovering what your gifts may be, simply figure out what you love to do and time seems to fly by. Watching television is not one of them. What is it that you do better than most people? What do you love to do? What would you do if money was no object? What specific skills do you have that are marketable? What are you passionate about? Answer these questions and you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

Speaking of competition; commit to memory the fact that you are and always will be your greatest competition. Currently, you may be guilty of having a “comparison mind-set”. The type of mind-set where you tend to measure your success based on the successes of others. That makes as much sense as comparing apples to cows. Learn to compete against yourself to be better every single day.

You have what God intended for you to have, now put it to use!

To The Top!
Joe Paul