Morning Cup of Joe – Complacency


Attention, Attention! I need your attention for a few minutes. Time is all you have but unfortunately there is an end date. Yes, just like a carton of milk, all things expire. And the truth of the matter is we are not exempt. Well, there is good news; you do have this moment! You can choose to take control of your life right this second!

For years, I accepted things as they were; never really questioning the events around me. Never really asking any questions, sort of like many people do today. I was satisfied; yes, the dreaded “s” word. I had a great salary, great home, great friends; things were very comfortable; the dreaded “c” word. I was satisfied and comfortable; a recipe for disaster. Being comfortable causes complacency. When you are complacent, you do not leave any room for growth.

It is critically important that you don’t get complacent especially with the knowledge that all things change. Now, this message is not for everyone as many of you are perfectly content with where things are in your life. Rather, this message is for those who are no longer going to accept things as they are. This message is for those who are never satisfied and are always seeking new ways to get better.

It is perfectly normal to want the best this life has to offer. It’s not enough to want it, you have to go and get it!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Calling Me Names


It baffles me how upset some people get when another person, in some cases complete strangers, refer to them in a name outside of their given names. It is inexplicable how some people allow others to control their emotions. While some people may not get upset if they are called a name, I certainly understand why someone would react this way. Early on in my quest for peace and understanding, I allowed others to control my emotions by reacting hastily. After plenty of practice, I now maintain complete control over my emotions. I repeat, plenty of practice.

What others call us will only hurt us if we accept the name as our own. People will speak ill into the atmosphere attempting to pierce your core by referring to you in a manner unbecoming of a cordial person. W.C. Fields said it best, “It ain’t what they call you; it’s what you answer to.” It is critically important that you understand implicitly what Mr. Fields is trying to say here. Do not debase yourself to the names people call you; you are under no obligation to accept them.

By virtue of the simple fact that you are on your way to the top, people will talk about you, lie on you, and certainly call you names; you do not have to answer to any of them. Since people are going to call you names anyway, be sure that one of the names they call you is “successful”.

Understand that you will face obstacles like these along the way; the challenge is how you will choose to respond to them. Your response should be one that does not compromise the incredible person you are. Each time think about your response before you respond. Walk in the understanding that you were born to win and winning isn’t easy but it can become a habit if you practice it daily.

The next time someone is foolish enough to call you something you’re clearly not, remember you are not what they call you if you don’t answer to it.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Que Sera, Sera

Sometimes we have to know when to let go. Not in the sense of a failed relationship or a project gone wrong but in the sense of knowing that we have done all we can. Sometimes we try our hardest and put forth maximum effort in order to yield a particular set of results to no avail never once realizing the key ingredient to the recipe is letting go of the control we think we have over certain situations. The key ingredient is simply letting the chips fall where they may.

When we let go of our need to control every aspect of our lives, we open the door to God’s plan. There are some things that you cannot control the outcome to no matter how hard you try. Maintain the understanding that the future is not ours to see. Simply live your life and more importantly live in the present. Oftentimes we focus on a tomorrow we know nothing about neglecting the effort that should be put on the present. Do not be misled, I am not saying to not think about or focus on the future, I am simply saying to not dwell on what you think lies ahead because you do not have control over that.

In the 1950’s a popular song sung by Doris Day helped to present a new paradigm on the way one should view life. “Que Sera, Sera” which translates to whatever will be, will be. You must be willing to adapt to change as quickly as the change occurs while maintaining the understanding that there are no accidents. Everything happens as it is designed to happen. From the people who enter and exit your life to the trials and tribulations we face; it is all for a reason and by design. Let go of the need to control some of the outcomes in your life and start embracing the fact that whatever will be, will certainly be.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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Morning Cup of Joe – True Happiness

Have you ever wondered what the cost of happiness is or even if there is a cost? Have you ever stopped to think about what it would take to experience true joy? What are you willing to compromise in order to be happy? Some people would sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of seeing others happy. There are obvious exceptions to this rule but I do not believe that you should make that type of sacrifice. While you are trying to make others happy, who is going to make you happy?

It baffles me how some people allow others to control their emotions. Your heart is like a television and the remote control should be in your possession at all times. There is someone in your life, right now, who has more control over your emotions than you do. They are free to change your channel and adjust your level of happiness based on the remote control they have to your heart. The sooner you take back the remote and realize that you are in control, the less your heart will experience the emotional channel surfing.

Understand that there are no do overs when it comes to this thing called life. I have been searching but there are no reset buttons either. Meaning you will not get a second chance to recreate the events of your life nor will you have the capacity to change the past. Each day presents a new opportunity to get closer to your dreams and closer to experiencing true happiness. No one is in control of your happiness and no one should have that type of control over your emotions; take charge of what is rightfully yours.

You deserve to be happy and no one can ensure that except for you.

To The Top!
Joe Paul