Morning Cup of Joe – One Step Back


Recently I spoke to a friend who was looking for work and was actually going on interviews. After several weeks of interviewing with a multitude of companies, he was finally offered an opportunity. Once he received the call for the opportunity, the employer explained that he was not being hired for the position he applied for rather he was being offered a lower position. Much to the employer’s dismay, the friend respectfully declined the offer. When I asked him why he declined, he told me that he has a master’s degree and that position is below what he is willing to accept.

While he is well within his rights to decline such offer, I personally would have accepted it. Here’s why. You never know where a particular opportunity will lead. Although it was not what he expected, this opportunity could have been the one that lead to the one he really wanted. Opportunities are exactly what you make them. At times, an opportunity will seem less desirable but it will take you to make it what it should be.

Sometimes you have to take one step back in order to take one hundred steps forward. I have accepted opportunities that at first glance did not seem like I should have yet they led to even greater opportunities. You should never think that you are too good for an opportunity. Do not be misled; I am not saying to lower your standards, I am saying that you never know where a road may take you if you never travel on it. Some opportunities may not be the one you hoped for but it could be the one that leads you to the one you’ve always wanted.

To The Top!
Joe Paul