Morning Cup of Joe – The Dream Chaser


One of the toughest things to do is taking the first step. Many of us have the most brilliant ideas and dreams trapped in our minds and may never realize them because we simply won’t take the first step. There is something magical about taking the first step; a type of phenomenon where the stars align in your favor. While the first step is obviously an important one, the subsequent steps you take will be the difference between whether you will see these dreams come true or not. Take the first step and then the next and the next until the brisk walk inevitably turns into a marathon like run. Chase your dreams until you catch them!

When we chase our dreams one of two things will inevitably happen; either the dream will slow down so that you can catch up to it or you will have to speed up to catch up to the dream. Your focus should be on the fact that this is a chase. Chasing your dream means you have to literally get off your rear end, get on your feet and get moving. You will know when you are close to accomplishing your goals because that is when everything will start to seem as if it’s falling apart. It actually isn’t. This is only a test; a final exam of sorts to determine whether you can outlast the problem long enough to hoist the trophy. Don’t give up until and unless you claim your prize. The obstacles are just that; diversions. Stay the course.

All too often we get so close to reaching a goal but find it easier to throw our hands in the air and quit. Quitting is the easy way out and easy is never good in any situation. Instead of giving up, you have got to get tough. You must outlast the obstacles that are blocking your way. Yes, outlast. Some of them you will be able to crush automatically but there will be a few that you just have to be stronger than and even more you have to outlast. Remember that this is a chase, perhaps more like a marathon. And just like marathons, the victor is not only the one who finishes first but the one who outlasts their opponents.

Outlast, outwork and outthink your opponents and you will always produce outstanding results. Dreams are preludes to reality; a reality you must create.

To The Top!
Joe Paul