Morning Cup of Joe – Do Not Worry


Your breakthrough will come when you least expect it.

This message is written especially for you. You who woke up this morning and fell asleep with “it” on your mind. On your long traffic filled ride to work, it remains on your mind. The clock is nearing noon and your lunch break presents another opportunity to invest negative hours into this problem. All you do all day is worry about your problems.

Worrying is counterproductive. While worrying may serve as a step towards the discovery of a solution, you should consider skipping it. The more time you spend worrying about a problem, the less time you’ll have devoted to finding the solution. Another phenomenon is the lack of faith many show after they pray for an answer. You pray then worry then hope. The odds of discovery using this method, at this rate, are impossible. Refocus your energy on what matters most and make it happen!

Many people have the solution at their disposal but lack the necessary discipline to execute. They make it pass the worry stage, breeze through the possible solutions step and stop at the final stage; execution. You must not only think you must also act. Action is required in order to ensure a desired outcome. And just like that, while you are working, your breakthrough will meet you half-way. It truly is that simple.

When you genuinely believe in a desired outcome, worrying becomes futile.

To The Top!
Joe Paul