Morning Cup of Joe – The Power of Giving

givingIf it’s one thing I’ve learned thus far it’s that everything in life is connected in some way shape or form. And by connected I mean that there is a link between you, myself and the rest of the world. A link, in my humble opinion, that means we are responsible for one another.

If you are anything like me, you may find it difficult to walk past another human being who happens to be asking or perhaps even begging for money. If I have it in my pocket, I feel compelled to give. Sort of like it’s a requirement to share what God has blessed me with. And this may sound weird, but if I have it and decide not to give for whatever reason, I often feel guilty especially since I feel like it’s an obligation. My belief that we are all connected causes me to help because I could very well be on the difficult end of making the ask. If I don’t help, I feel as if I am interrupting the ebb and flow of the law of reciprocity.

The concept for the law of reciprocity is quite simple: what goes around comes right back around. The law of reciprocity allows us to receive as a result of what we give or do. If you are wondering why you may be experiencing lack, it is most likely because you are not giving. If you are giving yet notice that you are not receiving, then it may be because you are not giving from the heart. Mother Teresa once said, “It’s not about how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” One should not give for the sake of getting back.

To whom much is given, so much more is required. It’s not just a biblical principle; it’s a way of life.

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Morning Cup of Joe – My Brother’s Keeper


We have all been uniquely blessed with specific gifts and talents. There are some who have yet to recognize their gifts as truly gifts. Your gift is the “thing” that you are able to do almost better than everyone else. Once you’ve recognized your gift, it is imperative that you begin focusing on how to share this gift to the world. Sharing our gifts with the world, if executed correctly, is exactly what will yield us financial freedom. In essence, when you do what you love and love what you do, the money will come in abundance.

Many of us are past the stage of recognizing our gifts. For the most part, most people know exactly what their specialized talents are yet a majority of those people will not do anything about it. For those of us who do, we must not only find satisfaction in earning but equal, if not greater, satisfaction in giving. We are blessed in order to be a blessing to someone else. What good is a man’s treasure if he cannot share it with the world? I’ll tell you, it’s worthless.

To whom much is given, so much more is required. You have used your gifts to receive your blessings but the transaction is only half-way complete; the final piece are the blessings you give to others. Most people don’t realize that their blessings come from blessings others; which explains why less and less people give. Understand that we are all connected. And since we are all connected, it is imperative that we understand that we all have a humanitarian obligation to support one another. You are absolutely your brother’s keeper.

If God has blessed you with increase or abundance, the expectation is that you will return the favor by being a blessing to someone else.

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Joe Paul