Morning Cup of Joe – Soaring With Eagles


We don’t have a choice who our family members are but we certainly reserve the autonomy to choose our friends. Believe it or not, the people who you choose to associate with are a direct reflection of you. Simply, you are and will become who you choose to hang around with. Like the adage says, birds of a feather flock together. With that said, choose friends who are going to encourage you to be better.

I am truly fortunate to have the incredible circle of friends I currently have in my life. So much so, that I truly consider them brothers and sisters. These friends force me to be better than I already am. If all of your friends look up to you, you need new friends. Your circle of influence should motivate you to be better and vice versa. You cannot reasonably expect to soar with eagles if you dwell with turkeys. Choose to fly with the best. Being around people who motivate you to be better will ultimately improve and benefit your entire circle. Challenge each other.

There are three important keys to being a great friend; undeniable loyalty, staying committed and being dependable. A great friend is one who is there through the good times and especially through the bad. A great friend is one who supports you wholeheartedly, whether they agree with you or not. A great friend is one you can depend on and is always present when you need them not just when its convenient. A great friend is one who makes a life-long commitment to the relationship. Likewise, you cannot reasonably expect a friend to exemplify these attributes if you are not showing them that you’re capable of being loyal, committed or dependable to them as well; it works both ways.

Be the friend you expect your friends to be and you’ll never be disappointed. Change your circle of friends if the don’t challenge you to be great.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – The Roundtable

Imagine sitting at a roundtable where you are seated at the head. In this scenario you are the CEO of your corporation. The corporation you are running is your life and the people seated at the roundtable are the ones who are going to help you become successful. Take a close look at the people seated at your table. What assets do they possess and how do they add value to your corporation? If you have trouble answering this question for any one of the people seated at the table, it’s time to get a new board member.

You truly only have one life to live, which means every single day counts. You cannot waste precious time with people who are not committed to your success. Likewise, if you are seated at someone’s life roundtable and are not contributing to their success, you are doing them a disservice and you must resign. Life’s too short to be wasting time and energy on people who aren’t on your team. In addition, it is imperative that you understand that life’s too short to be wasting time on people who wouldn’t spend time on you.

Seated at your roundtable should be various people who you trust and who trusts you. They should be people whose unique gifts and talents combine to equally contribute to your imminent success. These proverbial board members should believe in your dreams and are committed to your cause and can see the big picture while possessing the ability to drill down to details. They should be encouragers, motivators, innovators and hard workers. It is your responsibility to recognize the talents of those seated at your roundtable and scrutinize the assets each person offers. No two board members should offer the same thing. Everyone has something to offer but it may not be what you need in order to experience success.

Understand that just because someone serves as a good friend does not mean that they deserve to be seated at your roundtable. The roundtable is reserved for the best of the best and those who are committed to helping you reach the top. If you have people in your life seated at your roundtable who are not committed to their own success and betterment of their own lives, who don’t encourage, influence nor motivate you to be better then you must start handing out pink slips.

To The Top!
Joe Paul