Morning Cup of Joe – A Life of Purpose

While scanning through the new releases on Netflix, I realized that one of the greatest movies of all time, in my humble opinion, was listed. With much excitement and anticipation, I selected it and began watching. One of the more powerful scenes early in the movie is captured in a conversation had by Marcus Aurelius and Caesar. While this movie is riddled with memorable quotes, one stood out more than the others.

Marcus Aurelius turns to Caesar and says, “When a man sees his end, he wants to know that there was some purpose to his life.” I pressed paused then rewind on the remote control so that I could hear it again. I started thinking to myself, why wait until a man sees his end? Why not make his life purposeful while he can?

So many of us are waiting for the right time to follow our purpose, while others are waiting for the right sign. I’m here to tell you that the right time doesn’t exist and the right sign may never happen. You must take control of your destiny. Don’t wait until your life has passed before you begin to reflect on it, START NOW! We all want to live a life filled with purpose; at least I believe we do.

We don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring nor do we know if we will be fortunate enough to meet it. What we do know is that you have complete control over today! Do you want to wake up one day and wonder where all the time has gone? Do you want to wake up one day wondering what you have to show for your time spent on earth? Or do you want to wake up at the end of your days and KNOW that you lived a life of purpose?

If you want to live a life filled with purpose, first you must decide to relentlessly follow your dreams. Discover what is most meaningful to you and vigorously pursue it. I have discovered my purpose in life which is to enrich and embolden the lives of others by using my God given gifts and talents. What’s yours?

To The Top!
Joe Paul