Morning Cup of Joe – Miracle Mindset


Guess what? I am here to tell you that it is perfectly fine to believe in miracles. Yeah, I said it. In fact, I dare you to start believing in them a little more. The reason I say this is because if you don’t start expecting miracles to show up in your life they may never start appearing. I learned the easy way by expecting blessings and miracles to happen to me based on the seeds I sow.

When we respond to the world in a negative manner the world will reciprocally respond ten times more negatively. We have all experienced it and it isn’t fun. I challenge you to choose to be more positive about life’s beautiful possible outcomes. Miracles happen every day. In fact, the daily miracle you experience currently may not be as clear to you as it should be.

Understand that when you were born you instantly became a miracle. Be mindful of the fact that someone didn’t make it that morning. Hence the miracle you instantly became. Every day we are blessed to share with the rising sun is another day to celebrate the miracle that is your life.

Remember to Celebrate Daily!™

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Opportunity Knocks


A couple of weeks after I relocated from Los Angeles to Orlando, wanting to become better acclimated to my new environment, I decided to attend a Toastmasters meeting. The meeting was well attended and I even won an award for “Best Table Topics” speaker. “Table Topics” are 2-minute impromptu speeches where you are forced to think on your feet. As I neared the exit, a member approached me and said “I heard you mention that you are in Real Estate, are you currently working with anyone?”. I replied, “Actually, I’m not”. After two interviews, a tour and signing a mountain of disclosures, I began working as a Senior Real Estate Consultant. I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I mean, I’m a few weeks removed from LA and I’m already working a sweet gig. Pure Luck.

I did not realize it then but I was absolutely wrong. Luck had little to do with it. The obvious reason why I received that opportunity is because I was there. I was at the right place at the right time. That is truly what it takes to be a winner; showing up. It’s difficult for opportunities to meet you half-way if you don’t show up. The opportunity was already at the meeting; I had to literally show up to claim it. It is imperative that you understand the importance of showing up. You cannot reasonably expect your situation to change if you are not the change agent. Opportunity knocks on doors that aren’t closed.

Showing up is truly the only way you are going to position yourself to make a difference. I know it can be challenging at times and the motivation and discipline necessary for success may be in remission but I plead with you to not give up. We have all been in a position where we were inches away from our blessing but for whatever reason decided to not go the extra mile. Many of the obstacles we face are a result of our actions and/or inactions for that matter. We sit and wait for the blessing to knock on our door all the while the blessings is waiting for you to simply show up. Miracles happen when you and God are both hard at work.

Remember, if you don’t show up someone else will claim your prize.

To The Top!
Joe Paul