Morning Cup of Joe – Stock Value


No one in the world possesses the power to make you better, only you can do that. No one in the world has the ability to tear you down unless you give them permission. There isn’t a soul in the entire universe who can upgrade you; you alone are responsible for your own upgrades. Stop trying to determine your value based on what others think and feel about you. What others think about you is none of your concern.

Where you are today is where you have chosen to be. Certainly our circumstances have something to do with it but I strongly believe that the individual choices we’ve made up to this point is exactly what has gotten us this far. Most of us are where we are by choice not by circumstance. Good choices yield good results. Bad choices, well you know exactly the repercussions of your bad choices and how far those poor choices have gotten you.

At all times focus on self-improvement. Always ask yourself, “How can I get better?”. After a loss, any loss, we must examine why we experienced this loss. We must try to understand where we went wrong and what we are willing to do to improve ourselves so that we don’t continue to experience similar results. Start taking more responsibility for your current circumstances. After all, it is the choices that you’ve chosen to make, good or bad, that has lead you to where you currently are.

Stop allowing others to determine the value of your life; take back the control you have freely given to others. You deserve nothing but the best, don’t you?

To The Top!
Joe Paul