Morning Cup of Joe – FINISH STRONG!


Don’t ever start something you aren’t willing to maintain and eventually finish. It takes little to no effort to start something, perhaps that explains why so many people have so many great starts. This theory is also applicable to Olympic runners awaiting the sound of the starters’ gun. Many times, the person who takes off first or the fastest off the block isn’t always the one who ends up with the gold medal at the end of the race. The person who wins is typically the one who finishes strong.

No one will remember how you started but the world will never forget how you finished. If you are going to exhaust effort on anything affiliated with your dreams, I encourage you to focus intently on finishing. I am guilty of not finishing a few things that I’ve started, we all are. The goal is to develop and strengthen the skill of follow-through. Following through with the careful execution of any goal is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

There is an unexplainable feeling that you experience when you accomplish anything. The ultimate goal is to experience this feeling early and often. There is a way to accomplish this. Step one, finish strong. It doesn’t matter how you start, it’s how you finish that matters. It’s funny what our minds have the capability of retaining. As I write this, all I hear is an old friend’s voice echoing, “Finish Strong!” I choose to finish what I start and so should you or don’t bother starting it at all.

Be a finisher and finish strong.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – The Time is NOW


Some people wait for signs that may never come. Sometimes we will wait for a sign to tell us that we are headed in the right direction. If that proverbial sign does not present itself, it simply means that it was meant for you to be the sign. I find it interesting how people will sit idly by waiting until they think it’s time to act before they actually do. Some people wait for a specific date and time before they decide to make the move they have been intending to make. Some people will simply wait forever. I know forever sounds like a very long time but if you are no longer on this side of the dirt, it’s difficult to affect any change.

The goal is to simply start today. After all, what are you waiting for? We have become a society of excuse creators. Most people create excuses for just about any and everything. We are all guilty of making excuses for why something may not have happened. Conversely, some even make excuses for why something happened the way it did. When we lack the motivation to do something, we will find all of the excuses in the world to ensure that we won’t do it. Instead of finding an excuse or reasons why you should not do something, subscribe to Nike’s billion dollar motto and JUST DO IT!

Do not wait until tomorrow to do something that you can do today. The time is now to start whatever it is you’re waiting on the right time to start. Truthfully, the right time may never come. The right time to act is now! Do not wait until a specific date to start something you have been wanting to start forever. The specific date that you mark on your calendar may or may not come but you do have today. The goal is to start right where you sit. The world is waiting on you! Join a movement or start one!

Don’t delay, start today!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – From Start to Finish


During one of my trips to Miami to visit family I found a perfect teachable moment to help my nephew learn a valuable life lesson. When I arrived at my sisters’ house, I couldn’t help but notice one of my favorite nephews, Michael, was sad and moping around. I instinctively asked him what was wrong and he replied “My mom said I can’t go outside and play until I finished my chores”. I then asked, “So, what’s wrong with that? When you’re finished with your chores you can play”. He replied, “Uncle, this is way too much work for a kid and I’ll never ever finish”. I smiled and immediately sat down with him to explain a very important life lesson. The lesson is simple; the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish.

Explaining this to my middle school aged nephew wasn’t as difficult as I initially expected. I explained to him that sooner or later you’ll eventually run out of things to clean but you cannot and will not run out until you start. Most adults have a similar mind-set that creates an illusion that the workload is so heavy that they may never get it done. There are some things that we should be doing but many find it easier to mope around and host “whine” socials about them instead of tackling the problem. Do not be discouraged if the task seems too great; believe that you are equipped with the necessary tools to combat any problem and start working now.

As I mentioned before, if you don’t start, you will never finish. Stop worrying about the amount of work you have to do and start chipping away at it with the knowledge that eventually the work will be complete. A man once asked another man “How do you eat an elephant?” the other man replied, “One bite at a time”. The metaphoric elephant in this scenario is similar to your problems and/or issue(s) you are attempting to tackle; no matter how big your situation may seem, if you attack it one day at a time you will eventually overcome it. Stop trying to bite off more than you can chew and focus on the task at hand.

Don’t wait, start today!

To The Top!
Joe Paul