Morning Cup of Joe – A Perfect Life


There is a wealthy business man who lives a lavish lifestyle. He is able to buy what he desires, travels where he wants at his leisure and owns the very best in tailored clothes, exquisite jewels and expensive cars. He enjoys the best tables at the finest restaurants wherever he is. His home looks more like an apartment complex boasting countless rooms and the roof is specially designed to withhold the weight of his helicopter. To many, this man seems to have it all. To many more, it seems as if his life is absolutely perfect.

There is a man who works two different jobs seven days a week attempting to put his five children through school. This man wears a uniform to both of his manufacturing jobs. He does not own a fancy house and doesn’t even own a car. He travels to work by bus which at times he misses because he may have to work overtime at one of his jobs. The place where he and his children call home is a one bedroom apartment where he sleeps on the floor while his children share the only bed in the entire place. Their meals are scarce yet they manage to eat them together.

If I asked you which life you would rather live, many of you would undoubtedly choose the person in the first story. What you don’t understand is that the man in the first story, who seems to have it all, grieves internally because he is unable to have children. The man in the second story, although his life is less glamorous, finds his wealth not in possessions but in the children and family around him. There are people who seem to live the life you dream about yet you never consider the life you are living may be the one others dream about.

If we compare our blessings to others, ours will never seem enough. Never look at another person’s blessings and compare it to yours. We are all uniquely blessed with what we have for a reason. Instead of focusing on what you want, appreciate what you have. Wealth is determined by many factors, determine yours by the love you give and receive rather than the things you have and want.

You will never find true happiness if you are constantly focused on what makes others happy. While I will never discourage you to always work hard to acquire your wants, I especially want you to focus on your needs; which by God’s grace are always met.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Belief System


If you want something bad enough you have to believe you are going to get it before it shows up. Recently, I was reminded of this fact when my thoughts were intently focused on something in particular and although my thoughts eventually became a reality, it was not by magic. The amazing thing is that the universe works in favor of those who put effort into that which they seek. Maintain a stern belief that your thoughts will come to pass and they certainly will.

The first step to creating and realizing any goal or dream is to maintain an unwavering belief that the goal or dream will be accomplished. Believe it then see it not the other way around. Not only is maintaining a strong belief important, we must also consider other critical elements in the chain of events that eventually leads to the accomplishment of that dream; effort and time. Basically, believe that it will happen then put effort towards making it happen and it inevitably will.

Your mind has the power and incredible ability to create anything it wants, yes anything. If you think about something hard enough it will eventually fall into your lap. Understand that it may take anywhere from one day to many years to finally realize that which has been occupying your mind space. It is always worth the wait. The goal is to not stop until you get what you’ve been thinking about while working towards ensuring that it absolutely does. Now that you understand the importance of belief, effort and time; I challenge you to share this knowledge with others. You may change a life.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Best Things In Life

We live in a world where the value of things is greater than the value we place in people. As a society, we are increasingly shifting priorities from the days of old when we focused on strengthening family values to how many friends one can amass on Facebook. We are hooked on reality shows, computer gadgets and the monthly release of the newest version of the iPhone. We spend an innumerable amount of hours in front of the television thirsting over things we think we need in our lives and most of the time cannot afford. We have allowed our things to define us. It’s time for a change.

First understand that you are not your stuff. Your things are just that, things. Simply, you are defined by what you do with what you have not just what you have. Unfortunately, many people share different views. We are wrapped in a culture that promotes excess and a thought process that subscribes to “it will never be enough” attitude. Don’t believe me? How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? Certainly more than one yet that doesn’t prevent us from buying the next one we “have to have”. It is puzzling how some people own over a hundred pairs of shoes yet they only have two feet. Think about it.

Awards eventually tarnish, the ink on certificates and diplomas eventually wear off and new cars do eventually break down. Understand that your stuff can always be replaced but you cannot be. Know that you can always buy new things but there is not a price you can put on the value of your life. You can have all the land in the world and still be homeless. It is a fact that the best things in life aren’t things. I encourage you to refocus on what’s most important in this world, YOU!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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