Morning Cup of Joe – Tomorrow Is Not Promised


Whether you like it or not, tomorrow will come and whether or not you’ve prepared for the day is of no importance. What is destined to happen will in fact happen. If you are one of the fortunate ones to greet the gift that is a day, you must begin to understand the importance of maximizing your minutes. You will only be allotted twenty-four hours each day to affect your circumstances. Whether we like it or not, those hours will continue to tick and tock away waiting for you to make your move. We simply need to decide to act and not to continue to watch time pass us by.

Time waits for no man; I cannot stress this enough. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. That is precisely why we should take advantage of every single precious moment. I want you to shift focus from yourself for just a second and think about the people who matter most in your life. When was the last time you told them you loved them? When was the last time you spoke to a parent? Is there someone who has wronged you in the past whom you haven’t forgiven? Today is the day this change happens.

Every message sent to us is meant to be heard at the specific time we receive it. It is up to us to recognize it as a message. My message is simple; learn to appreciate the time you are blessed with. Do not waste time on people and things that don’t add value to you as a person. You know exactly who & what I am referring to. The time is now for you to make those necessary changes in your life. The time is now to choose to forgive yourself and forgive others; that is the only way you will truly move forward.

Since tomorrow is not promised, choose today to be incredible.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – The Time is NOW


Some people wait for signs that may never come. Sometimes we will wait for a sign to tell us that we are headed in the right direction. If that proverbial sign does not present itself, it simply means that it was meant for you to be the sign. I find it interesting how people will sit idly by waiting until they think it’s time to act before they actually do. Some people wait for a specific date and time before they decide to make the move they have been intending to make. Some people will simply wait forever. I know forever sounds like a very long time but if you are no longer on this side of the dirt, it’s difficult to affect any change.

The goal is to simply start today. After all, what are you waiting for? We have become a society of excuse creators. Most people create excuses for just about any and everything. We are all guilty of making excuses for why something may not have happened. Conversely, some even make excuses for why something happened the way it did. When we lack the motivation to do something, we will find all of the excuses in the world to ensure that we won’t do it. Instead of finding an excuse or reasons why you should not do something, subscribe to Nike’s billion dollar motto and JUST DO IT!

Do not wait until tomorrow to do something that you can do today. The time is now to start whatever it is you’re waiting on the right time to start. Truthfully, the right time may never come. The right time to act is now! Do not wait until a specific date to start something you have been wanting to start forever. The specific date that you mark on your calendar may or may not come but you do have today. The goal is to start right where you sit. The world is waiting on you! Join a movement or start one!

Don’t delay, start today!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Every Second Counts


How bad do you want to live your dreams? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want? How far will you go to ensure that your goals are achieved? The answers to these questions are based on your desire to be better. Some people are satisfied with where they are; this message is not for them. This message is for those of you who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. This message is for those of you who are tired of watching everyone else enjoy their blessings while you continue to ask God to provide yours. This message is for the folks who are ready to do something about it. This message is for you.

The time and effort put into accomplishing your goals directly correlates with the outcomes you’ve been experiencing in your life. Specifically, if you are falling short of achieving your goals then you are clearly not investing the appropriate amount of time and effort necessary to be the best. What you put into achieving your goals is exactly what you can expect to come out; little to no effort will always yield unsatisfactory results. Adopt the “every second counts” mindset and start spending more time focusing on and working towards accomplishing all of your dreams. Time is of the essence.

In order to have what others won’t have tomorrow, we must be willing to do what others won’t do today. The people you admire most and the countless others who exemplify the definition of success did not get there by accident nor by chance or luck; it took time, hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence. The common theme amongst top performers is coming in early and leaving late. Be committed to winning. Be committed to doing whatever it takes to live your dreams. Be committed to living the life you were meant to live. You only have 24 hours in a day, for some that may not seem like much, to me that is all the time you need. If you want to win, you must invest your time into creating that realization; that’s what winners do.

The world is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Right Now!


Most people live their lives in the future; those same people have a relatively difficult time being organized and focused. This makes sense because if you aren’t living in the present then how can you reasonably focus on it. Meaning most people are so focused on the future they neglect to pay attention to the right now. When we neglect to pay attention to the right now, we allow room for external forces to interrupt the natural ebb and flow of our predestined blessings. Focus on the now.

At times, I am baffled when I hear people say things like “I don’t think I can win” or “Tomorrow is going to be a terrible day”. Every time I hear a variation of those statements I always think to myself, “How do you know?” Those statements relatively deal with the future in that you are, in a way, predicting the outcome of a race that hasn’t even started. People count themselves out of opportunities every single day simply because they think they know what tomorrow brings. Tomorrow may very well bring you all the answers you’ve been praying for. Take charge of the present moment and work feverishly to create the outcomes you desire.

Today is the only thing you have some control over. Being concerned about tomorrow is futile as tomorrow may never come. You cannot control that which you haven’t seen. You must understand the importance of living for right now and not only living for right now but living in the moment. Every second we are blessed to hear and feel the beats of our hearts is a second we should devote to focusing on the present day.

Do not be concerned about a future you cannot control; learn to live in the present.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – First Day of Your Life

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today and each day, spend time thinking about of all the things in your life you are thankful for. Be sure to focus on the non-materialistic reasons you are thankful; family, a great career, a wonderful spouse, etc. Today, I want you to think about all of the sacrifices you have made in your life to this point in order to get to where you are today. Today I want you to walk around with a renewed spirit while you express gratitude for the incredible progress you’ve made to this point in your life.

Today I want you to think about why you are here. Most people will continue to take up precious space while others like you and I will continue to discover and live our purpose. If you are having trouble figuring out your purpose in life, you must simply answer one question; “What am I able to do that is effortless to me while I can use it to serve others?” Answer this question and you will be one step closer to discovering your purpose. Your purpose also has to do with doing what you love. When you do what you love and love what you do, wealth comes in abundance. Today I want you to focus on discovering your purpose.

Today I want you to place emphasis on your gifts. Your gifts and/or unique abilities are ones that come naturally. Today I want you to focus on what you were born to do. It is my belief that you were born to leave your mark on the world. It’s not enough that I believe it, what do you believe? We truly only have one life to live so you must make this one count. Believe it or not, there are very good reasons why you are still on this side of the dirt; your purpose has not yet been fulfilled. Trust and understand that your life has meaning and watch as it begins to unfold once you decide to take the first step toward that discovery.

Who besides Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Mother Teresa and countless others are going to leave their mark on this world? Today, I ask, who else will join the ranks of these great avatars? Today I want you to stand up and add your name to the list.

Today is all we’ve got; Live it!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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Morning Cup of Joe – The Reset Button

Sometimes we allow the past to hover over our heads like a dark cloud in the sky. Some of us have made it a habit to transfer the power we have to influence and direct the present to a past we can no longer control. Whatever happened in the past is over and done with. There is no need to dwell on something that you cannot change; that is certainly not the highest and best use of your time.

Your energy, attention and focus should always be directed to the present. The control that you maintain in your life is limited to the present, not the past and not the future. Do not be misled; what we do in the present certainly has an effect on our future. However, the emphasis should always be placed on what you can control; the present. When we try to change our yesterdays or focus too intently on our tomorrows we neglect our todays. Don’t neglect your right now. Right now is all you truly have control over.

There is a particular beauty that comes with a new day so do your very best to embrace it. Each new day presents another opportunity to try it again or as I like to call it “press the reset button”. A new day gives us a chance to start over, only if we perceive the gift of a new day in this manner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting over. Most people are afraid to start over because they fear that all of the work they put in the past would have all been for naught. That is the farthest thing from the truth.

Your experiences, trials and tribulations of the past are what provide the strength necessary to face the future. Choose to press the reset button that each new day presents and start anew. Today is a new day and you should treat it with the care and attention you typically treat anything that is new.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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